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The best Winter and Summer neck gaiter you will ever wear! Soft, stretchy, and lightweight, they are designed to fit without bunching up in the back or pushing up in the front. Our tubular bandana design is stylish and durable for years of use. Elastic, seamless and long enough to go around the neck. Our neck gaiter is made from a breathable material and is one of the best neck covers for summer and winter. It’s stretchable and comfortable, moisture-wicking and non-irritating to skin. Our neck gaiters can fit most adult size and children’s small frame.

winter and summer neck gaiter

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Winter and Summer Neck Gaiter

We offer a huge range of comfortable and convenient headwear accessories to help you suit whatever you need. We have a range of versatile and well-made pieces so good that we got both you and your dog covered. Unisex options ensure that everyone can find what they’re looking for, including the following:

winter and summer neck gaiter

Winter and summer neck gaiter options, perfect to use as a face covering for public places, or to wear if you want to keep the dirt, sun, and other environmental factors off of your skin.

multipurpose bandanas

Multipurpose bandanas, one of our most versatile options, that can be used for a wide range of reasons, from protecting your forehead to padding your helmet to keeping your face cool on a hot summer’s day.

Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas that can help you add a touch of fashion to your dog, whether you want to show off a new do, get them dressed up for a special event, or simply add a touch of aesthetic to them while taking them on walks.

Do Rags

Do rags that are great headwear for keeping your skin comfortable while still looking fly, allowing you to keep snug from the cold or protecting your head from the sun in the heat with ease.


Beanies that are the ultimate in easy access, comfy headwear, good for both personal and workwear, whether you’re nailing the urban chic style or keeping your head warm while out in the woods.

All of our goods come in multiple colors, so you can style them however you please.

Cotton Bandanas for Sale

Dog Bandanas for Sale

What is the point of a neck gaiter?

  • – Neck gaiters protect you from bad weather and other undesirable conditions. Cold air, burning sun, dust, rain, sleet, pollution, and germs, fend them all off with a neck gaiter.
  • – Cover up boring face masks with the cooling properties of our neck gaiter.
  • – A tubular bandana offers a convenient way to always have a spare face mask as protection from disease.
  • – Designed for casual wear, a neck gaiter is perfect for the gym, the park, or running errands.
  • – A tube bandana offers stress-free convenience. With its seamless design, you never need to worry about it slipping off or coming untied.
  • – Protect your face with a neck gaiter knit from fabric with a high polyester content. It is as warm as merino wool, without the itchy feel of fleece.
  • – Neck gaiters are something to provide uv protection.

How do i wear a neck gaiter?

  • – A neck neck gaiter is a great item for protection from the elements for joggers, hunters, dog walking, and other activities.
  • – Neck gaiters can be styled in so many different ways. Wear it as a durag, headband, ponytail tie, or dream up another unique use!
  • – Sometimes called a balaclava mask or tube bandana, a neck gaiter is a popular accessory for people of all ages.
  • – Wear a neck gaiter in any low light situation: dawn, dusk, nighttime or when you’re out in the woods.
  • – When your navigation of Amazon results in ads for brands you never heard of, remember our neck gaiters high polyester fabric content is an excellent face mask.
  • If you’re in the market for any item in other categories, Bandanas Wholesale has you covered. Our mission is to provide you with more information on our categories and designs when you need a neck gaiter as a face mask, or for other outdoor activities. Don’t be fooled by the expensive merino wool products with a nylon core sold on Amazon by rei and other sellers. Our designs offer the same results, including protection from the elements and sunburn.
winter and summer neck gaiter

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