Best Dog Bandanas

Best Dog Bandanas

Give your dog a little comfort and a lot more style with our selection of the best dog bandanas available on the market. Our dog bandanas are be the perfect accessory for many types of different animals. Bandanas are especially great when heading to the dog park because they make your pet so much easier to find.

Dog lovers know a cotton bandana is one way to make a fashion statement. Tie a stars and stripes scarf around your dogs neck to show pride of country on Memorial Day the Fourth of July. A red bandana does double duty on the holidays of Christmas and Saint Valentine’s Day.

Dress your pooch in a bright neon bandana on his birthday. Tie a scarf in a colorful pattern on your pup when he visits the dog park. Bandanas are the perfect accessory for all occasions.

We have a huge range of different colors available, including red, black, royal blue, green, purple, pink, camo, and USA flag designs. We offer both paisley prints and plain solid color options, so you can choose the look that suits your pooch best.

The best dog bandanas make an excellent accessory for every occasion. They’re great for showing off a new do after they’ve just been trimmed. It’s also fun to make them extra Patriotic at events like the 4th of July. Ultimately though giving your pet some fresh color around their collar will liven you and them up.

Best Dog Bandanas

What Fabric is Best for Dog Bandanas?

Cotton is a 100% natural material, and the choice of environmentally-conscious dog owners. A cotton bandana can be washed in cold water, saving energy. Cotton is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Microfiber polyester bandanas are strong, yet light weight. It is a moisture-wicking and odor resistant fiber, so polyester dog bandanas stay in good condition longer. They can be machine washed and air dried when you need them quickly.

Both are quality products, so either one is a good choice when shopping for bandanas to dress up your pup.

Many Ways to use a Dog bandana

Many Ways to use a Dog bandana

The best dog bandanas make for a multi-purpose tool. It is not just a fashion statement on your dogs birthday. Our paisley patterns are a great accessory to show off your best friends personality on any and all occasions. Pack your pups best dog bandanas for a day in the country. Bring a few more bandanas along as gift items for any new canine friends he may meet. Big dog or small pup, there’s a bandana size to fit the smallest pocket pooch and the most massive mastiff. The small size dog bandana is a useful 22×22 inches on a side. The large size is a lot bigger at 40×26 inches.

A Fashion Statement for Every Occasion

Dress your pup in a red, white and blue USA bandana for the patriotic holidays, like Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. A different color bandana worn every day as a neck scarf improves your pups appearance. Every breed will look stylish with a cotton bandana tied around their neck.

Neck bandanas do double-duty as a bib, or drool catcher, if your pooch is a slobber-puss.

They allow you to rub down your dog after they’ve come in from a walk. Soak them wet to keep your pet cool on a hot summer’s day.

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Why do we put bandanas on dogs?

Like humans, pups need to feel they are part of a family. Matching bandanas are one way to set off their personality. A special birthday bandana is one more way to give your best friend an extra bit of love. There are plenty of other products, like collars with fancy patterns, and even a back pack for taking your dog on a family camping trip. But a bandana is the one quality product fit for everyday use in every season.

Our Cotton Bandana is Available in Many Colors

Choose a red or black dog bandana for the active sort. White and grey are great for your laid back friend. We have royal and navy blue, too. Pink and purple are perfect products for a little pocket pup. Sunny yellow and spring season green make things bright and cheerful on your best friends daily walk. Our paisley design is perfect when you search for a different birthday gift.

What size should a dog bandana be?

What size should a dog bandana be?

When choosing sides for flag football or X sports, show team pride with some different patterns or designs for each side. We offer several sizes, a small square bandana measuring 22 inches on a side. The large size is 27 x 27. We also have a triangular large size dog bandana that measures 30×20, and an extra large triangle design as big as its name: A whopping 40×26 for the truly big dogs in your pack.

  • Comes in different sizes to suit different dogs
  • Made with 100% cotton or polyester
  • Print or solid options available
  • Buy them in 12-packs, 120-packs or 600-packs