Do rags

Do Rags

Suitable for men and women of all ages, these stylish and comfortable do rags can be worn in a variety of ways. Versatile as well as chic, they have a lot of uses beyond their obvious fashion applications.

A lot of people prefer to wear do rags than other kinds of headwear because while they’re good at protecting your head and forehead from dust, sun, and other environmental factors, they are also typically a lot more friendly to the skin than heavier options. What’s more, do rags also offer good thermal protection, especially when made with high-quality polyester. As such, they’re great at keeping your head cool on hot days, but also at offering a little extra warmth on a cold day when combined with a hat.

What is a do rag used for?

What is a do rag used for?

Aside from their practicalities, do rags have all the style uses of any good piece of headwear. For one, they’re always a good tool to protect your hairstyle on a bad hair day. But they are also popular for wearing in a range of styles to complete a range of popular modern looks. They even work great as sleeping caps. What’s more, they come in a variety of different colors, so you can choose based on the look you want.

As well as being both highly stylish and versatile, we have aimed to ensure that our do rags are as convenient as possible. As such, we’ve ensured they are sized appropriately to make them unisex and one size fits all. Furthermore, their polyester material makes them very easy to care for, and machine washable to boot.

  • Available in an assortment of colors
  • Unisex option for men and women
  • Made from premium polyester
  • Fully machine-washable
  • Available in packs of 3 and 12

Available in an assortment of colors

Black is for bad boy bikers, and a pink do rag is for the ladies who work at home. A red head looks great in green, a blonde stands out from the crowd in a red cloth do rag. People of all sizes, shapes, and ages can use a grey, orange, or navy do rag to cover their head, protect their hair, and be part of the hip hop culture.

Whatever the season, athletes playing games sweat, and they know an absorbent do rag gives them the security to give their best performance.

Why do guys wear Durags?

Culture leaders like rappers, performance artists, and athletes made the ‘rag a fashion statement in replace of a cap or a bandana. Anyone who follows the National Football League has seen the star players use a do rag under their helmets to protect their hairstyles. All it takes is one or more players to lead the way for a fad to find its place in popular culture. Men used to wear hats, now everyone’s head is topped with a baseball cap. Unlike a cap, do rags can be tucked in a pocket, for quick access when a sweat band is needed.

Why do bikers wear skull caps?

A do rag is part of the culture. Both a security blanket, and an in-your-face article of clothing to show your connection to the culture. A rag and a tattoo the two must-have items when you’re riding your Harley with a club, or just cruising the country roads with a group of guys looking for good times.

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Why do guys wear Durags?
Why do bikers wear skull caps?