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Fishing Neck Gaiter

Our fishing neck gaiter tube bandannas are suited to keep you comfortable, whether it’s hot, cold, sunny, windy, or otherwise. They’ll keep your mouth and neck clear from rain, dust, snow, and other elements of environmental debris. Our range of neck gaiters are all designed to be unisex, available in the color and quantity that you prefer.

A neck gaiters purpose is to protect your nose, mouth, ears, and neck from the sun, weather, and pollution. However, they also help you meet the legal requirements as a face mask that are in place in many public locations.

Unlike other face coverings, these fishing neck gaiters are designed to make sure that they don’t get stuffy and uncomfortable. They’re made with moisture-wicking material and as a result their tube design allows humidity and heat to escape more easily.

Our neck gaiters are available in bulk, but they can also be reused with a simple machine wash, then an air drying. As such, they can be significantly more cost-effective than disposable options. Also, you can keep multiple on your person because they are so compact. Rest assured knowing you’ll always have a backup face covering when you need it.

Some of the more common uses for neck gaiters are; as a multi-purpose tool, wearing them for visibility when out hunting, padding for motorcycle helmets, and using them as a non-slip sweatband, as well.

  • Different colors available
  • Made with 100% soft polyester microfiber
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking
  • Can be machine washed and air dried
  • Stain and odor resistant
fishing neck gaiter

A fishing neck gaiter gives protection from the elements

Our fishing face buff, or neck gaiter, is made from soft, stretchable 100% seamless polyester microfiber. It’s perfect for people with allergies or tender skin. It comes in a variety of colors, so there are many options that will match your favorite fishing shirts.

Speaking of options there are lots of ways to wear a fishing neck buff. It covers the face for protection when the wind blows. It can be rolled up and worn as a headband, or as a hair tie. A fishing neck gaiter serves as a scarf for head protection when boating. Fishing neck gaiters give more protection than bandanas.

Many sportsmen wear fishing face and neck gaiters instead of masks, or as a second mask in addition to a Covid-19 face mask. A face gaiter can be rolled up and used as a headband, or worn as a beanie for protection from wind and sun.

How to wear a Neck Gaiter

Are Fishermen Superstitious?

Just because they swear they catch more fish when wearing one of their favorite fishing shirts doesn’t mean they believe in the supernatural. When the line is in the water, it’s the bait, not the belief, that carries the weight of the fish.

Your fishing friends will share the catch when you give them a gift of a fishing neck gaiter. It protects the neck from wind, the eyes from ultraviolet rays, and adds bare skin protection from the elements. Either fishing from the shore, or boating on the lake, smart fishermen know a face gaiter is also a Covid mask option, when fishing with friends.

Shop and Save With Us Online

Brick and mortar shops often have few categories and limited sizes for sale. And some Internet sellers only have a few products, like bandanas and gaiters, but don’t carry a wide selection of products. When you search our site for a buff, a mask, or a neck gaiter, you will find the items description includes sizes, fabric and price. Speaking of price, when your order is $75 ground shipping is free! And there are other ways of shipping, including FedEx and UPS.

When you page through our menu of products and designs in search of sun protection, look at the neck gaiter. It covers your head way more than masks can

If you have a question about a product, or a need to request more information designs, we are just a phone call away!

Fishing Neck Gaiter

A Buff, a Balaclava, or a Gaiter

No matter the name— a fishing neck gaiter—should be your one go to head covering! More and more bikers and hikers, hunters and fishermen, turn to us in their search for a face mask fashioned from a high content polyester fabric.

Every page of our online catalogue features wearable fashions in every variety and color, and a size selection to fit big and small people alike. So fill your shopping cart with face masks for the entire family, because when the size of your orders reach $75 the shipping is free!

Neck Gaiter Features and Specifications

100% seamless. Soft, lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Breathable 100% Polyester Microfiber. Elastic moisture-wicking fabric. Two-way lateral stretch that provides Odor Control and helps maintain hydration as it repels moisture. Stain resistant. Machine washable, air dry flat.Do not use bleach. Do not iron.

Dimensions: (approx.) 10×20 inches. Weight: 1.3 ounces. One size fits most.

Color-fast dyes won’t fade. A choice of black, red, orange, blue, and grey. Also neon green and neon yellow colors. New: Red, white, and blue American flag, and camouflage.

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